Pain-Free Strategic Planning: 6 Steps to Profit Planning SKU: 150424

This LIVE training will likely be one of the MOST IMPORTANT trainings a nonrpofit leader can ever take! If leaders do not understand how to raise awareness, funds and collaborators to support the organization's work, there is no way the nonprofit can be sustainable.
This detailed training is to outline the sustainability planning process and show how pain-free this system can be. The plan beyond how to start the nonprofit must focus on developing a system to gain program support and organizational finances.
Unfortunately, many industry leaders avoid essential planning exercises, mainly because previous planning activity has proven to be a negative experience or has produced plans that aren't used -- or both. Also, many leaders feel overwhelmed and find it hard to compehend fully how this process fits into their daily long list of duties. Jennifer will break down clearly how to develop a planning process that is both pain-free and productive. Leaders will learn how to avoid planning process mistakes, how to create participation engagement from your planning team, how to develop a successful and stress-free planning activity, how to produce an implementable plan.


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