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This Two (2) Day Nonprofit Executive Leadership Master Class in Chicago, IL May 18-19 is going to be EPIC!  And, we are happy to be partnering with the POWBIZ Conference as well.

A VITAL CORE COMPETENCY for any leader is the ability to create and manage an organization that continuously improves and innovates at a rate that keeps up with the needs it is facing. Whatever goals your organization needs to meet in order to accomplish its mission, you as the LEADER should be able to hear and evaluate the right ideas (actions) to reach these goals.

Idea-driven (and action-driving) organizations are directed from the top. In this four hour mastermind, leaders will be introduced to how to take their ideas and managing them to reach their goals.
Are you able to evaluate yourself and determine how MUCH TIME are you spending thinking of ideas and not IMPLEMENTING any of them because you don't know how to prioritize them?

Organizations that thrive have leaders who know how to increase impact, creatively and innovation because they know how to properly process and prioritize ALL OF THE IDEAS confronting them.

Leaders will walk away with a roadmap for turning creativity in their organizations from a sporadic hit-or-miss proposition into something consistent they can truly count on:
1. Communicate clearly your organization's vision and mission
2. Engage and seek stakeholders’ input in designing programs, including people who use its services, and serve its target community appropriately

3. Plan for success in acheiveing mutiple streams of income to support program and organizational sustainability
4. Achieve results and track impact against a few key measures, at least through basic means
5. Manage an active and informed governance structure
6. Secure resources appropriate to its needs

7.  Plan short-and long-term for the future

If you are in the Chicago, IL area, you do not want to miss this LIVE two day training workshop in your area.

NOTE: $1999 - Second person (board member and or key volunteer)



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