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Nonprofit Mastermind Group

Do the following statements describe you?

  • You are the CEO/Executive Director of a nonprofit organization.
  • You've been in your position for 2 years or more.
  • After you received the designation, I have yet to experience any growth and/or rapid success, now your organization has plateaued.
  • You're a "take charge" kind of person, but have not been able to you’re your organization from floundering.
  • You want more for your organization and for the constituents you serve.
  • You don't know anyone who is experienced in all aspects of nonprofits that can explains to me in simple language next steps.
  • You don’t have someone you can talk to for real/sound advice.

This Nonprofit Mastermind Group will provide participants with a safe environment to solve problems, transition and be held accountable.  Positive growth is the goal of each session and we are dedicated to helping you achieve success.  This group is made up of like-minded professionals who are at a similar levels of accomplishment.  More importantly, this group is comprised of people who, like you, are driven to improve their organizations.  They also understand that improving their own abilities creates the maximum leverage for organizational improvement, and are committed to doing so.

You need a Nonprofit Mastermind!

What do you get?

As part of the Nonprofit Mastermind Group, you will get:

  • Invitation to a 2 two-day virtual Nonprofit Master Class during the year.
  • 8 coaching calls one-on-one with Jennifer.

Inclusion in private online community.

This is a virtual Mastermind Group for nonprofit leaders (or those who desire to be a nonprofit leader) will begin October 10.



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