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Even though there many not be a "profit" motive when making the decsion to start a nonprot, each person has to focus on the bottom line. Many times "Passion" is the driving force for starting this type of business.  While passion is absolutly necessary, there must also be a very clear and well thought out "Plan".  The TRUTH is that a nonprofit has to be run like any business and there are some critical considerations to work through prior to the official designation.  

One of the distinctive characteristics of a nonprofit organization is the absence of a profit motive in its operations . A business enterprise is established to earn profits from the products or services it sells, and to distribute those profits to its owners (share- holders, partners, or members) . A nonprofit organization, on the other hand, is established generally to perform a function or service — usually something that benefits a broad community of people — without the commercial mind-set of making money for its owners . 

The nature of service, not profit, also means these organizations play by a different set of rules and laws established by state and federal authorities . Without question, this adds another layer of complexity to "normal" business operations . This means the leadership qualities needed for these types of organizations also are different than for a customary for-profit business .  

Jen's Signature Nonprofit Readiness Assessment is a very thorough and quick assessment to determine your preparedness for not only the start-up process...but also the sustainability process.  Gleaning from working with thousands of organizations over 30 years, this Signature Assessment and Preparedness Tool gives insight into the distinctive characteristics of a nonprofit enterprise, and reveals how ready you are to take on the challenge of wroking the "business" of your "passion. 

The areas for assessment and consideration include: 

  • Mission & Vision
  • Target Audience
  • Leadership Role & Ability
  • Team (Governance and Program
  • Community
  • Funding

This assessment will help evaluate your preparedness to deal with the following: 

  • Leading a Nonprofit Organization 

  • Communicating Your Purpose, Passion and Plan for Your Nonprofit 

  • Finding The Right Partners for Your Nonprofit Message 

  • Establishing Your Nonprofit Organization 

    • Selecting a Board of Directors 
    • Filing Organizational Documents and Tax Registrations 
    • Fundraising for Your Nonprofit Organization 
    • Developing Critical Business Functions and 
    • Operations 
    • Staffing Your Nonprofit Organization 
    • Seeking Essential Nonprofit Skills 


In addition to the assessment, you will also get a 1-on-1 with Jen to walk you through the results and to discuss next steps.



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