Grant Writing Application Assistance Kit SKU: 131592

This kit inclues includes the following:

1.  A Grant Proposal Template

2.  Jen's Grant Applicatioin Guidance Packet

3.  Attibutes of a Fundable Program

4.  Jen's 7 Key Ways Nonprofits Can Get Funding for Their Nonprofit Mission


1. Establish the need and desire for the project: How do you know this project is needed? How will the residents of your community use the services provided? To the extent possible, this needs to be hard data. Detailed needs assessments can be very useful here.
2. Define the desired outcomes with specific, measurable objectives: What do you want to accomplish, and how will you measure whether the project has indeed addressed the problem?
3. Describe the methods you will use to achieve these objectives: What will you actually do in order to meet the objectives? How do you know that this is an effective method to address the problem you have identified, and will lead to the desired objective(s)?
4. Establish your organization's credibility: Why are you the right organization to undertake this project? Have you had success with similar projects?
5. Determine how you will evaluate the success of the project: How will you know whether the desired objectives have been reached? For example, will you be surveying constituents, or tracking the numbers of individuals using a particular service?
6. Create a detailed budget: What are all of the expenses related to the project, and what other potential funding sources exist? Will your organization be contributing funds toward the project?
7. Describe the future of project: When the money from this funder is used up, how will the project continue? Is it a project that will require a continuous influx of money, or will it somehow become self-sustaining?
Are you ready to take your program idea and start mapping it out in detail? Are you ready to learn how to put together a proposal?



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