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Simple Definition of preparation

  • : the activity or process of making something ready or of becoming ready for something

  • preparations : things that are done to make something ready or to become ready for something


Effective Program Prep is Essential to Geting Grant Funding

Foundations, donors and funders want to know that a nonprofit organization has a sound PROGRAM and PLAN to deliver that program. it is ONLY after you have develeoped a well thought out program, with systematic projection of the financial, marketing, personnel, and real costs and effort of a program that one would be convinced the nonproft can accomplish its mission. In this workshop you will learn how to create a compelling program and structure it to enhance your organization's effectiveness.

Jennifer will lead you through the process of developing a strong programs that will lead to grant funding (designated funds) and non-designated funds.  She will share area of internal examination for your program to assess your sustainability preparedness systems.

Jennifer is more than "just" the Grant Guru, she has 30 years of experience in the nonprofit area as a leader, trainer, coach and mentor.  

This will be a time of learning and getting your questions answered.



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